Waste Management TREE Landfill

The Waste Management TREE Landfill now meets discharge permit requirements with a bioFLOW MBR system, achieving over 98% influent parameter removal and generating high-quality effluent.


bioFLOW MBR System for New England Landfill


Landfill Leachate


Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Removal | Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Removal | Nitrification of Ammonia

Case study - Waste Management TREE Landfill

Application Parameters

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Wastewater Flow
289,300 GPD
2,093 mg/L
<20 mg/L
660 mg/L
<10 mg/L
1,483 mg/L
<5 mg/L
42 mg/L
<10 mg/L

The Problem

The Waste Management TREE Landfill needed to upgrade their wastewater treatment system to meet the permitted discharge requirements.

The Solution

bioprocessH2O supplied a fully integrated and highly automated bioFLOW MBR System to meet the Local Industrial Discharge Permit requirements.

The Results

The bioFLOW MBR System removes >98% of the influent parameters listed in the table below. The MBR Biological treatment plant provides a robust biological treatment process and effective membrane performance. The bioFLOW MBR System generates a high quality UF permeate that also feeds a RO system for desalination and TOC removal prior to effluent discharge at ≤0.2 NTU and ≤3 SDI.




BOD Removed


Ammonia-N removed

Case Studies

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