Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors are commonly used for industrial wastewater treatment applications. They provide pretreatment of organics in wastewater systems.

Membrane Bioreactors

Membrane Bioreactors are biological wastewater treatment systems used to provide high quality effluent discharge suitable for compliance, regulations, and water reuse.

Membrane Systems

Our Membrane Filtration Technology are fully automated systems that have the ability to produce high quality effluent.

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Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

DAF_Unit-976689-edited.jpgThe Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process removes suspended matter from waste streams such as fats, oils, and grease (FOG), total suspended solids (TSS) and insoluble BOD.

Heat Recovery & Solar Energy

bioprocessH2O offers sustainable heat recovery and solar energy solutions as part of our equipment packages to reduce energy Solar Panel photograph.jpgconsumption and energy demand for industrial facilities.

Sequencing Batch Reactors

Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR) is a compact system that is used for the sbr bioprocessH2Otreatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. The SBR utilizes a fill-and-draw activated sludge process within a single tank to achieve several biological processes, including aerobic and anoxic treatment.