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Our mission is to engineer, design, manufacturer and deliver innovative wastewater systems that help our clients efficiently meet their needs


Our vision is to engineer value for our Clients and Customers wastewater treatment and reuse systems.

Core Values: 

Commitment to our Customers and Employees success: Our passion and our purpose is helping customers become compliant and more productive, by relentlessly improving our products and our systems efficiencies we'll achieve exceptional operating performance.


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bioprocessH2O opened its doors in 2009 founded on the belief that better methods for purifying industrial and municipal wastewater were within reach.

iron works steel and machine parts modern factory indoor hall

Moving time!! We outgrew our space and expanded our manufacturing facility to over 16,000 square feet in order to better serve our customer’s needs.

Tripure Pilot 1

We expanded our fleet of Pilots. Our pilots and lab testing enabled our team to prepare and better support our customers, therefor we built more pilots!

Using modern technologies

Automation & Controls moves inhouse. We assembled the best Controls Engineers and built a team of specialists to further deliver the best possible solutions & support to our customers.

bioprocessH2O Installations Map

Over 200 installations nationwide and growing. Our past built our future and continues to motivate us to be the best! The bioprocessH2O team is built upon the foundation that our customers come first. We listen to our customers, their needs and concerns in order to design and manufacture their customized solution.

Innovation from Tradition ...

Since 2009 bioprocessH2O has actively been providing solutions for industrial wastewater, including food processing, craft beverages, dairy products, landfills, petrochemical, pulp & paper, chem-pharma, agriculture, residential, and numerous other industries. We are a forward-thinking company focused on helping our customers throughout North America achieve their goals for process & wastewater treatment. By encompassing what we have learned from our experience helping customers innovate improved solutions, we are able to provide innovation from tradition, which delivers cost-effective solutions.

Today bioprocessH2O has over 150 installations throughout North America.  As a technology leader for MBBR, MBR, and a pioneer for SBR, we are setting the precedent for the treatment of complex wastewaters. Our wide range of technologies provides intelligent combinations to fulfill the requirements and expectations of the client in the best possible way. Not only does our team consult, plan, and build systems, we also provide corresponding services such as piloting, laboratory studies, efficiency optimization, controls, automation, and retrofitting/upgrading of existing plants. Our one-source approach uses innovation to provide full system packages for turnkey installations.

The bioprocessH2O team is comprised of top engineers, biologists, welders, and machinations who are committed to providing solutions, support, and training you can trust. Our systems are designed to meet your needs, and we will provide the continued service and support you ought to have.

We like a challenge and helping our clients develop a specific solution for their application that meets their cost and treatment objectives. We will help you get the most out of your water!

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"The knowledge and expertise of the team at bioprocessH2O was invaluable in assisting us with our upgrade from an antiquated waste treatment system to a cutting-edge microfiltration-based system. After pilot testing several different systems on site, we selected the microPULSE MF System due to exceptional performance and several features that were not available on other systems. The microPULSE MF System has been in operation for several years now and has exceeded our expectations."

- James Duquette Technic, Inc.

“Over the past several years, my team and I have successfully partnered with bioprocessH2O in the design, supply, and delivery of various wastewater projects including MBR with cross-flow UF application. As an equipment supplier and partner, my team and I have been extremely impressed with their commitment to excellence and technical detail orientation in making sure that everything is complete and proper at various stages of the project, which has led to a smooth turnover to the end client. It is without hesitation that I would recommend bioprocessH2O as a viable supplier.”


Mark J. Sposato O'brien & Gere

"From pilot testing through the full-scale treatment system installation, bioprocessH2O was there every step of the way. Ongoing support is second to none. The company and equipment are top notch and provide superior technical solutions and customer support. You can't go wrong if you go with bioprocessH2O.'

- Tom Joyce Coca Cola

"Your people were instrumental in getting the WWT part of our business at this plant back to profitability. The true definition of a PARTNERSHIP. We simply can't thank you and your staff enough for the great support.

- Bill Dwyer Advanced Waste Services, Inc.

"bioprocessH2O's bioPULSE Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) installation allowed us to reclaim our water to irrigate our vines and this year's crush was one of the wildest in my twenty-one vintages at the winery. We started early and just finished with 612 tons harvested. Everyone here was pleased with the quality of the vines and the exceptional crop we received."

- Eric Baugher Ridge Vineyards

Meet the bioprocessH2O Team

Tim Burns


John Silverstri

Electrical Controls Engineer

Peter Annunziato

Process Engineering Director

Jeff Marshall

Executive V.P. of Operations

Ryan Corbett

Director of Engineering

Christie Murphy