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Replacing aging RBCs with a two-stage bioFAS™ MBBR system, the facility now effectively reduces BOD and formaldehyde by >90%, meeting NPDES requirements


bioFAS™ MBBR System for Paper Mill


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Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Removal | Formaldehyde Removal

Case study - Nation’s Largest Tank Barge Company

Application Parameters

bioprocessH2O is equipped with a team of experts experienced in the wastewater industry. We provide solutions by offering innovative wastewater treatment systems that are custom built to each client’s needs and specifications. Allow bioprocessH2O to help you get the most out of your water with these recommended treatment systems.

Wastewater Flow
1,000,000 GPD
60 mg/L
≤10 mg/L
4.5 mg/L
≤0.5 mg/L

The Problem

The existing rotating biological contactors (RBCs) were approaching the end of their service life and presented constant operational issues. Additionally, the RBCs were not completely removing the formaldehyde concentrations in the wastewater.

The Solution

bioprocessH2O supplied a two-stage bioFAS™ MBBR biological treatment process to reduce BOD and formaldehyde at varying flow and organic loading rates.

The Results

The bioFAS™ MBBR System effectively removes BOD by >90% and easily meets the NPDES Discharge Permit Requirements. The system is able to operate with minimal operator attention and oversight. Additional details can be provided by bioprocessH2O




of BODS removed

>97 %

Formaldehyde Removed

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