Our team is here to help provide custom services to help your business meet your wastewater needs.


In-House Automation & Controls

Our team of in-house electrical engineers are ready to help streamline your controls systems. Whether it is a wastewater plant or other control units we are here to help.

  • Single point of responsibility 
  • In-house testing
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Cell phone and iPad connection
  • Customer support

Engineering Design, Project Management & Continued Support

We build wastewater systems, but we also help with designs, project management and can add in continued support too.

  • System design
  • Manufacturing
  • Operator training
  • Installation
  • Support services

Treatability, Lab Testing & Pilot Studies

Many of our customers send us lab samples, or setup Pilot Studies so we can optimize the systems around your needs.

  • Biological treatability studies
  • Wastewater testing
  • Fully functional lab
  • On site pilot study

Turnkey Installation

Depending on your needs we will create your system to be as easy as possible to get up and running. Training, installation, plug and play, we are here to help.

  • Project management
  • Process, civil, mechanical and electrical design
  • Manufacturing
  • Operator training
  • Equipment installation

Wastewater Finance & Lease Options

Our customers are big and small. We can work with you if you need it to figure out a financing or leasing option. All wastewater needs to be treated, we are here to make that a reality.

  • bioprocessH2O offers financing and leasing options to facilitate the system's capital purchase
  • Financing package will be provided to allow a reoccurring payment schedule



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