Grand Bahama Shipyard

The Grand Bahama Shipyard upgraded its wastewater treatment capacity from 80,000 to 264,000 GPD with a bioFAS™ IFAS system, effectively meeting BOD and TSS compliance standards


bioFAS™ IFAS System for Ship Repair Company


Centralized Wastewater Treatment


Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Removal | Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Removal

Grand Bahama Shipyard

Application Parameters

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Wastewater Flow
264,000 GPD
400 mg/L
<30 mg/L
200 mg/L
<30 mg/L

The Problem

The Grand Bahama Shipyard’s existing wastewater treatment system was overloaded and undersized to effectively treat the wastewater generated onsite and pumped by ships docked at the facility.

The Solution

bioprocessH2O supplied an equipment package to retrofit and upgrade the existing treatment system converting the conventional activated sludge system into a bioFAS™ IFAS biological treatment process. The bioFAS™ attached growth fixed film process upgrade allowed the Shipyard facility to use the existing WWTP infrastructure and increase the system capacity from 80,000 to 264,000 GPD.

The Results

The bioFAS™ IFAS system effectively removes the BOD and TSS down to compliance standards at elevated wastewater flow rates.




of BOD Removed

>80 %

TSS Removed

Case Studies

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