Treatability and Lab Testing

bioprocessH2O has a fully functional laboratory which allows us to conduct biological treatability and wastewater testing.  

Analytical procedures are completed on water samples in bioprocessH2O's laboratory to determine the pollutant constituents, water chemistry, and evaluate the impact on microorganism population to determine if the wastewater is suitable for biological treatment.

In the bioprocessH2O lab, bench scale reactors are setup to perform studies for a wide variety of waste streams. This process verifies treatability and provides treatment guidelines for onsite pilot or full scale system designs.


  • Suspended and attached growth reactors for high strength organic waste
  • Nitrification
  • Denitrification
  • Total Nitrogen Removal
  • Specialty treatment applications can also be investigated and tested



Pilot Studies

We can bring the testing direct to you with our complete fleet of skid mounted Pilots. This will allow real time testing for optimized results. 

Fully contained and skid mounted pilot scale treatment systems can be provided to confirm the applicability of our treatment processes and generate an effluent quality that meets and exceeds the customer’s requirements.

Our Pilot System


Click the pilot system below to download our brochure:

*Upon successful completion of the testing, a full scale system can be designed based on the operating conditions and insight gained through pilot system operation.


Our pilot System

Our pilot System