Wastewater Treatment Upgrade for Facility's Increased Product Production

Continuum Packing solutions - nevada


Project: bioFAS™ MBBR Treatment System for Packing Solutions Facility

Industry: Food & Beverage

Application: Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Removal

Application Parameters:

Packing Solutions Table-1.png

Problem: Continuum Packing was experienced high concentrations of BOD in the waterwater due to the products being packaged at the facility. The plant was not able to conform to the effluent discharge requirements set by the local municipality. 

Solution: bioprocessH2O supplied a single stage bioFAS™ MBBR biological treatment process followed by a secondary clarifier designed for BOD and TSS removal. 

Status/Results: The bioFAS™ MBBR effectively biodegrades the BOD in the process water and continues to meet the local municipality's effluent discharge limits. 


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