Food Production Waste -  Reducing Ammonia Levels to Meet Compliance 

Monogram Foods - Virginia

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Project: bioFAS Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) System for Processed Meats & Snacks Manufacturer

Industry: Food & Beverage

Application: Nitrification of Ammonia

Application Parameters:

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Problem: Monogram Foods, manufacturer and distributor of processed meats, snacks, and appetizers, was experiencing high concentrations of ammonia in their wastewater and needed a robust wastewater treatment system to maintain compliance with the local municipality.

Solution: bioprocessH2O supplied a bioFAS™ MBBR Equipment Package sized and designed for the nitrification of ammonia.

Status/Results: The bioFAS™ MBBR Treatment System effectively reduces the ammonia levels down to regulatory standards and effluent requirements for discharge to the sewer drain and local municipality.


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