Product Recovery and High Quality Feed Stream for Water Reuse 


Microfiltration (MF) System for Engineered Powders Manufacturer

Project: microPULSE Microfiltration (MF) System for Engineered Powders Manufacturer

Industry: Manufacturing   


  • Silver Precipitation & Recovery
  • Pretreatment

Application Parameters:

Application Parameters

Problem: Technic manufacturing company was generating high concentrations of dissolved silver in their process wastewater. Additionally, the effluent discharge levels were not meeting their municipal pretreatment discharge permit requirements. 

Solution: bioprocessH2O provided a microPULSE Microfiltration (MF) system designed for filtration of silver precipitants from the wastewater. The MF Membrane filtration system was selected to separate and concentrate silver from the water, remove solids and meet the effluent discharge requirements. 

Status/Results: bioprocessH2O's microPULSE MF System allows Technic to remove the silver from the wastewater stream and provide a high-quality feed to a reverse osmosis system for water reuse.


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