ultraPULSE UF Systems

Introducing the ultraPULSE™ UF Membrane Skid, a groundbreaking ultrafiltration system designed for high-strength industrial wastewater treatment. This system offers unparalleled separation efficiency, making it an essential component in modern water treatment processes


The ultraPULSE™ UF System utilizes a pressure-driven, back-pulsed ultrafiltration process, it excels in separating solutions into concentrates and permeates.

This system is especially adept at treating wastewater with high velocity across tubular membranes, ensuring suspended particulates are effectively separated. The incorporation of cross-flow filtration enhances turbulence, thereby preventing particle accumulation and prolonging membrane life.

Membrane Pore Size: 0.05 microns
Trans Membrane Pressure (TMP): 29 – 116 psig
Scouring Velocity: 9.8 – 16.4 ft/s
Nominal Flux: 30 – 50 gfd
Membrane Materials: PVDF membrane on either PE or PVDF substrate

Fabrication & Design

Crafted with PVDF membranes on either PE or PVDF substrates, the ultraPULSE™ UF System is designed for durability, high chemical resistance, and pressure stability.

Its back-pulsing ultrafiltration process not only sustains high flux rates but also minimizes the risk of membrane plugging or clogging. The system’s robust Clean-in-Place (CIP) capabilities and full automation ensure it is adaptable to various industrial scales, maintaining consistent performance with minimal maintenance requirements.


Back-Pulsing Ultrafiltration

Optimized for High-Strength Industrial Wastewater

Excellent Anti-Fouling Behavior

High Chemical Resistance and Pressure Stability

Advanced CIP Capabilities

Versatile Feed-and-Bleed or Direct Recirculation Options

Customizable Flux Capacity

Case Studies

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