bioFLOW & bioPULSE Helix Membranes

Elevate industrial water treatment with bioprocessH2O’s bioFLOW & bioPULSE™ External Tubular Ultrafiltration (UF) Membranes. These advanced membranes are designed for demanding industrial treatment and MBR applications, offering enhanced flux rates and prolonged membrane life with high-velocity crossflow and airlift technology.


The bioFLOW & bioPULSE™ UF Membranes represent an advancement in water treatment technology. Utilizing an airlift external tubular membrane system, these membranes are suitable for a range of challenging industrial applications. Their construction features high-performance polymers (PVDF) for excellent chemical resistance, ensuring durability and consistent performance in various environments.

Versatile Industrial Treatment and MBR Applications
Landfill Leachate
Enhanced Filtration Processes in Existing and New MBR Systems
Suitable for High-velocity Crossflow and Airlift Systems
Ideal for Applications Requiring High Permeate Production Rates

Fabrication & Design

bioprocessH2O’s bioFLOW & bioPULSE™ Helix UF membranes are innovatively designed with helically wound ridges within the membrane lumens.

This design induces turbulence and enhanced feed water mixing, improving membrane flux rates and reducing energy consumption. The Helix membrane's unique design not only improves efficiency but also extends filtration cycles, making it a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for industrial water treatment.


Decreased Power Consumption

Higher Membrane Flux Rates

Wide Range of Achievable Flux Rates

Longer Filtration Cycles

Enhanced Turbulence for Improved Efficiency

High Permeate Production at Lower Energy Costs

Reduced Energy Consumption

Case Studies

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