Containerized MBBR Systems

Optimize your wastewater treatment process with bioprocessH2O’s bioFAS™ Containerized MBBR systems. These systems offer a compact, easily installed solution to overcome space constraints and time limitations in wastewater treatment.


bioprocessH2O’s bioFAS™ Containerized MBBR systems are an innovative response to the challenges of space and time in wastewater treatment.

These fully outfitted, portable treatment solutions come pre-installed with all necessary ancillary equipment, including pump chambers, chemical metering equipment, and control panels. The design prioritizes ease of installation and quick system startup, simplifying onsite construction and accelerating the achievement of treatment goals and discharge requirements.

Municipal / Decentralized Treatment
Food & Beverage Industry
Landfill Leachate Management
Oil & Gas Production
Manufacturing Process Water Treatment

Fabrication & Design

Our bioFAS™ MBBR systems are available in various configurations, including steel or frac tanks, providing a 'plumb and play' treatment system tailored to client needs.

The containerized design includes insulation, heating, and ventilation to protect the equipment from environmental elements. These MBBR systems facilitate excellent removal of BOD, ammonia, total nitrogen, phosphorus, and other waste constituents. Equipped with a PLC-based electrical control system, they ensure ease of operation, reduced maintenance requirements, and support remote monitoring and control.


Cost-Effective Solution

Compact and Space-Efficient

Reduced Installation Costs

Portable Treatment Option

Fully Automated System

Remote Monitoring and Control

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Case Studies

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