Massachusetts’ Residential Community

Massachusetts residential community achieved sustainable wastewater management with our innovative Membrane Bioreactor system


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Case study - Massachusetts’ Residential Community

Application Parameters

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Wastewater Flow
15,000 GPD
25,000 mg/L
<500 mg/L
350 mg/L
<10 mg/L
150 mg/L
<10 mg/L

The Problem

A residential community in Massachusetts, comprising approximately 380 residents in sixty-nine homes, needed an efficient wastewater treatment solution. The challenge was to treat high levels of BOD, TSS, and FOG in their wastewater, reducing these to significantly lower levels (<500 mg/L for BOD, <10 mg/L for TSS and FOG) for environmentally safe discharge. Additionally, the solution needed to align with the community's commitment to sustainable living and the preservation of local water resources.

The Solution

BioprocessH2O was tasked with designing, manufacturing, and installing a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment plant for the community. This system was chosen for its efficiency in advanced anoxic nitrogen removal, aerobic biological treatment, and membrane separation. The MBR technology, while common in areas with water shortages, was a novel approach for a Massachusetts residential development. This innovative system included ultra-violet light for disinfection, ensuring the purity and safety of the treated water.

The Results

The installed MBR system successfully purifies the community's wastewater, effectively lowering BOD, TSS, and FOG to the required effluent standards for safe environmental discharge. Moreover, the treated water is utilized for aquifer recharging, contributing to the sustainability of the local groundwater supply. This approach not only aligned with the community's environmental goals but also played a crucial role in gaining town approval for the project. With this system, the community sets a precedent for environmentally responsible wastewater management in residential developments.




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