Reduced BOD More Than 90% With A Sustainable Treatment Solution


Food & Beverage Freshly Pressed Juice Company

Project: bioFAS™ MTU System for Food & Beverage Freshly Pressed Juice Company

Industry: Food & Beverage


  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Removal

Application Parameters:

Application Parameters

The Problem: Hood River Juice was building a juice processing facility and needed to construct a wastewater treatment plant to meet their surcharge requirements for BOD and TSS. 

The Solution: bioprocessH2O provided a bioFAS™ Mobilized Treatment Unit (MTU) designed for biological treatment of organic wastewater.

Status/Results: The bioFAS™ MTU System is handling wastewater that has exceeded the design parameters for flow and effectively biodegrades the BOD to meet the effluent discharge standards. 


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