Custom Control Panels Allowed Woodstock Reunion Concert To Proceed


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Project: Control Panels for Campground Wastewater Treatment

Industry: Parks & Recreation

Application: Process Controls and Automation

Control Panel Design Highlights:

Design Criteria

Problem: The Yasgur Road "Woodstock" Campground installed a new wastewater treatment system to provide permanent waste handling infrastructure for its annual Woodstock reunion festival. The various pumping stations each required a PLC control panel to be designed, constructed, and installed in a compressed time frame to ensure that the entire system was operational before the site’s 50th anniversary.

Solution: bioprocessH2O’s in-house Controls & Automation group supplied six control panels, each equipped with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to control the motor speed of the pumps.

Status/Results: The PLC control panels allow the pumping stations to operate automatically based on level set points, reducing the need for operator oversight. Additionally, the use of VFD controlled pumps will extend the working life of the pumps, as well as reduce the overall power consumption of the plant.


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