New and Improved Helix Membranes 

bioprocessH2O provides bioFLOW & bioPULSE Helix UF membranes that are proven to enhance filtration processes for new and existing MBR wastewater treatment applications. The Helix membranes are designed with helically wound ridges within the membrane lumens that provide turbulence and enhanced feed water mixing. This turbulence continuously "sweeps" away solids at the membrane wall which in turn improves membrane flux rates and reduces energy consumption. The Helix membranes allow for high permeate production rates at significantly lower energy consumption.

Helix Crossflow & Output


  1. Helically wound ridge on membrane wall
  2. Turbulence right at the membrane wall
  3. Enhanced mixing of the feed system
  4. Efficient continuous cake removal

At lower crossflow velocity 

At lower crossflow velocity


  • Decreased power consumption based on lower operating flow velocities
  • Higher membrane flux rates due to increase turbulence within the membrane lumens 
  • Wider range of membrane flux rates achievable based on the design flow velocities
  • Longer filtration cycles

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bioFLOW & bioPULSE™ Helix Membranes


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