bioFLOW Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Systems

Experience advanced water treatment with bioFLOW External Tubular MBR Systems from bioprocessH2O. Utilizing pressure-driven filtration, this system efficiently separates wastewater into concentrates and permeates, ensuring superior water quality with high flux and prolonged membrane life.


The bioFLOW concept revolutionizes wastewater treatment. Designed for high-strength industrial applications, the system features a unique cross-flow filtration process. This process ensures high turbulence on the membrane surface, effectively preventing particle accumulation and enhancing system efficiency. The bioFLOW MBR Systems are not only robust and durable but also boast excellent anti-fouling properties and high chemical resistance, making them ideal for challenging industrial environments.

High-strength Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Manufacturing Process Water Treatment
Chemical Industry Applications
Food and Beverage Wastewater Management
Pharmaceutical Industry Effluent Treatment

Fabrication & Design

Our bioFLOW MBR Systems are engineered for durability and high performance. The external tubular design allows for easy integration without the need for a separate tank, making the system self-contained and space-efficient.

It's fully automated and scalable, suitable for facilities of all sizes. The design includes flexible Clean-in-Place (CIP) capabilities, ensuring easy maintenance and operation. Additionally, our custom pilot units can assess specific flux capabilities to tailor the system to your unique needs.


Optimized for Industrial Use

Anti-Fouling Design

Chemical Resistance and Pressure Stability

Longevity and Durability

Flexible Maintenance (CIP Capabilities)

Compact and Self-Contained

Automation and Scalability

High Flux Rates

Low Plugging/Clogging Risk

Customizable to Specific Needs

Case Studies

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