Introducing the bioFAS™ MTU Bioreactor Systems, the epitome of efficiency and reliability in wastewater treatment. These autonomous units, including the MTU-2 and MTU-4 models, are engineered for effective BOD removal, nitrification, and denitrification, featuring bioprocessH2O’s patented high-strength linear composite material for superior performance.


The bioFAS™ SAGR MTU-2 and MTU-4 are state-of-the-art wastewater treatment solutions designed for robust and efficient treatment processes. At their core is a patented high-strength linear composite material, utilized for over 20 years, which enhances COD, BOD, ammonia, and nitrate reduction. These compact biofilm systems are not only high-rate but also simple to operate, making them ideal for a variety of wastewater treatment applications

MTU-2 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 15’l x 9’w x 11’h
  • Media Racks: Two (2) – 12’l x 4’w x 9’h
  • BOD Removal/day: 300 lbs (at 25oC)

MTU-4 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 27’l x 9’w x 11’h
  • Media Racks: Four (4) – 12’l x 4’w x 9’h
  • BOD Removal/day: 300 lbs (at 25oC)
Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Municipal Wastewater Management
Food and Beverage Industry
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals
Emergency or Temporary Wastewater Treatment

Fabrication & Design

Each bioFAS™ MTU system, constructed from durable carbon steel with epoxy coating, incorporates looped chord media with a high surface area.

This innovative material is key to trapping and nurturing waste-digesting microbes, establishing a stable population of organisms for efficient wastewater treatment. The systems’ modular design facilitates simple retrofitting or expansion, making them adaptable to varying site conditions and treatment needs


Compact and Space-Efficient

Low Power Consumption

User-Friendly Operation

Modular for Easy Expansion

Adaptable to Varying Conditions

Durable Construction (Epoxy Coated Tanks)

Resilient to Toxic Shock Loads

Case Studies

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