bioFAS™ B-460

Maximize your wastewater treatment efficiency with bioFAS™ B-460 Biomass Carriers. Specially designed for MBBR systems, these carriers facilitate a self-sloughing, auto-regulating biofilm treatment process, ideal for enhancing the capacity of existing activated sludge systems.


The bioFAS™ B-460 MBBR media is engineered for optimal performance in moving bed biofilm reactor systems. These carriers are adept at providing an efficient, self-regulating biofilm treatment process.

They are versatile enough for use in both single-pass MBBR treatment processes and as an enhancement to existing activated sludge systems through the Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) process. This adaptability makes them a valuable asset in various wastewater treatment scenarios.

BOD Reduction
Nitrification of Ammonia
Minimum fill ratio of 25% v/v
Can be increased up to 75% v/v with additional air supply


  • Nominal Diameter: 20.5 millimeters (0.81 inches)
  • Nominal Length: 15.75 millimeters (0.625 inches)
  • Specific Gravity: 0.96 – 0.97
  • Internal Protected Surface Area: 402 m²/m³ (122 ft²/ft³)
  • Active Surface Area: 460 m²/m³ (139 ft²/ft³)
  • Nominal Weight: 289 lbs/m³ (8.2 lbs/ft³)
  • Materials of Construction: High-density polyethylene

Cost Effective

High Specific Surface Area

Efficient Treatment Process

Compact System Footprint

Easy Transportation and Handling

Suitable for Various Treatment Processes

Durable Material Construction

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