Automation & Controls

Experience streamlined operation and enhanced efficiency with bioprocessH2O’s in-house Automation & Controls. These advanced control packages ensure that your wastewater treatment systems are fully automated, easy to operate, and remotely manageable.


bioprocessH2O specializes in designing and providing complete in-house Automation and Control engineering packages.

These systems are integral to ensuring that bioprocessH2O’s treatment systems operate with full automation and ease. With capabilities spanning from design and build to in-house testing of electrical control systems and PLC functions, these solutions guarantee faster start-ups, effortless training, and superior functionality. The state-of-the-art Operation Interface Terminal (OIT) and remote internet monitoring capabilities allow for efficient operation, support, and troubleshooting, enhancing overall system reliability.

Complete Automation of Wastewater Treatment Systems
In-House Design, Build, and Testing of Control Systems
Easy System Start-Ups and Minimal Training Required
Advanced Operational Support and Troubleshooting
Remote Monitoring and Management via Internet

Fabrication & Design

Our Automation & Controls technology is crafted with expert knowledge and precision. Each system undergoes rigorous in-house QA/QC and testing before shipment, ensuring reliability and quality.

The single-point responsibility in design and build minimizes complications and ensures seamless integration. These control systems not only facilitate on-site functionality but also enable remote monitoring, allowing bioprocessH2O’s engineering team to offer immediate support, diagnose, and repair issues remotely, significantly reducing labor costs and preventing costly downtime for our clients.


Expert System Knowledge

Comprehensive Design and Testing

Quality Assurance

Single-Point Responsibility

Remote Monitoring Capability

Reduced Labor Costs

Minimized Downtime

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