The 2019 Gift Guide: Engineer Version 

by Tim Burns in , , , , , , December 5th, 2019

It's officially December, which means the holiday season is in full swing! This season of gift giving, think about grabbing some of these fun accessories, practical engineering tools, or the perfect tech products for all of the engineers in your life.

Yeti Cup

For the Home / Office:

  • Personally, I have 4 of these. They are an absolute must. The Yeti Coffee Mug keeps your coffee (or tea) warm for up to 12 hours, and keeps things cold (like your beer) for up to 24. Everyone needs this in their lives.
  • This Dual Chamber Water Bottle is not only a perfect tumbler to keep your water cold but it's also a snack holder. That's all.
  • Help the engineer in your life perk their office view up with these Tesla Patent Wall Art PrintsThey're unique and come in a set of 6!
Circuit Board Socks

Fun Gifts:


Practical & Tech Gifts:

  • Whether you want to keep the time, track exercise, or simply know the weather outside, the Apple Watch does it all for you & looks great doing it. It's functional, it's easy on the wrist, and its practical for working engineers.
  • The Anker Wireless Phone Charger is game changing. This is valuable for any engineer to keep in their office, at home, or pack with them on the go.
  • This Tool Pen is a must buy. This 6-in-1 Multi-function Pen & Tool features a ruler, spirit level, ballpoint Pen, Stylus, Flat Head and a Phillips Screwdriver. Name a more perfect gift for that engineer in your life.
  • Just as awesome as the Tool Pen above, the Kirkland Hammer Multi Tool, is a 10-in-1 tool that has the functions of a hammer, wire cutters, pliers, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, reamer, saw blade, Phillips head screwdriver, file, and a knife blade. This is for sure a buy for anyone on your list this season, however, an engineer will definitely appreciate this one.
  • Grid Paper Notebook that features a hardcover to protect your engineers diagrams, mock-ups, or designs!  

Can you think of any other gifts worth adding to this list? Or, have a question for the team?


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