COD Removal Increased Profitability

COD removal from wastewater can increase your profitability

COD removal from wastewater can increase your profitability

Biodegrades COD to Exceed Compliance Standards

Project: bioFAS MBBR Centralized Wastewater Treatment System

Industry: Centralized Wastewater Treatment

Application: Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Removal

Application Parameters:

Application parameters

The Problem: Our customer's Centralized Waste Treatment Facility was experiencing high concentrations of COD in their waste stream that is hauled in for onsite treatment. Compliance standards were becoming more stringent while the influent wastewater COD concentrations were increasing.

bioprocessH2O's Solution: BioprocessH2O supplied a bioFAS™ MBBR biological treatment process designed for COD reduction. The self‐regulating biofilm process simplified system operations while meeting compliance standards.  The plant operators are very impressed with the ease of operation and treatment efficiency.

bioprocessH2O Results: The bioFAS™ MBBR System effectively biodegrades the COD to compliance standards for discharge to the local municipality.

“Your people were instrumental in getting the WWT part of our business at this plant back to profitability. The true definition of a PARTNERSHIP. We simply can't Thank you and your staff enough for the great support”Facility Staff

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by Tim Burns

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