World Water Day 2017

Tim Burns March 22 , 2017

5 Things to Consider When Creating a Water Reuse or Treatment Plan for Your Business

Tim Burns March 08 , 2017

Water is critically important for daily business operations, but do you realize how vulnerable your company is without a process water reuse or discharge plan in place? Implementing an efficient treatment process will create value and growth for your business. No matter your industry there is a treatment technology for your effluent that is safe, reliable, cost effective and compliant.

Is Your Current Wastewater Treatment System Overloaded?

Tim Burns February 22 , 2017


This is just one example how we helped a ship repair company increase their daily wastewater treatment capacity.

Biological Treatment for Oily Wastewater Streams

Tim Burns February 15 , 2017

Too Much Ammonia For This Rendering Facility

Tim Burns February 08 , 2017

The Problem:  A Rendering Facility had experienced a failure of an existing Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) system due to a rotating assembly bearing and shaft failure.  As a result, the existing lagoons became overloaded with ammonia from the anaerobic treatment process.  

Control Panel Design & Automation Support by bioprocessH2O

Tim Burns February 03 , 2017

Why We Love NEWEA (And You Should Too!)

Tim Burns January 04 , 2017

bioprocessH2O's bioPAC MBR Treatment Systems

Tim Burns December 15 , 2016

Selecting the Right Wastewater Treatment System for your Business

Tim Burns November 09 , 2016

A California Vineyard Reused Their Water For Irrigation

Tim Burns October 25 , 2016