BOD & TSS Too High For Discharge?

Tim Burns June 21 , 2017

A Sweeteners facility that is a distributor and manufacturer of liquid and dry sweeteners for Food & Beverage applications was out of compliance with their local municipality. Our team of Engineers had just the right solution for them!

Wastewater Treatment in the Food & Beverage Industry

Tim Burns June 14 , 2017

What is YOuR COMPANIES Water Footprint?

World Ocean's Day

Tim Burns June 08 , 2017

How can you Protect our Oceans?

Wastewater Treatment Financing or Leasing

Tim Burns May 24 , 2017

Sustainability - Improve Your Triple Bottom Line

Tim Burns May 17 , 2017

Landfill Leachate Compliance

Tim Burns May 08 , 2017

MBBR Media For Your Wastewater Treatment System

Tim Burns May 03 , 2017

Looking For Wastewater Treatment Service? We Can Help!

Tim Burns April 26 , 2017

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at bioprocessH2O? How a project is designed, manufactured, or installed? 

Heat Recovery & Solar Energy For Wastewater Treatment Systems

Tim Burns April 19 , 2017

Got Heat? Got Sun? Let's reuse it!

Does your company's wastewater treatment system generate excessive amounts of heat? Does your company need an alternative for electricity or power supply? Well the engineers at bioprocessH2O can help!

BOD Too High? This Packing Solutions Company Had the Same Problem.

Tim Burns April 12 , 2017

bioprocessH2O helped install a biological treatment system suitable to the customer's wastewater treatment needs.