Looking For Wastewater Treatment Service? We Can Help!

Tim Burns April 26 , 2017

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at bioprocessH2O? How a project is designed, manufactured, or installed? 

Heat Recovery & Solar Energy For Wastewater Treatment Systems

Tim Burns April 19 , 2017

Got Heat? Got Sun? Let's reuse it!

Does your company's wastewater treatment system generate excessive amounts of heat? Does your company need an alternative for electricity or power supply? Well the engineers at bioprocessH2O can help!

BOD Too High? This Packing Solutions Company Had the Same Problem.

Tim Burns April 12 , 2017

bioprocessH2O helped install a biological treatment system suitable to the customer's wastewater treatment needs.  

Which Wastewater Treatment System Will Best Suite Your Needs?

Tim Burns April 05 , 2017

To understand which wastewater treatment system will best suite your company's needs and how you want to proceed, it is importmant to first ask:

Do You Know What Is In Your Company's Wastewater?

Tim Burns March 29 , 2017

Have you ever wondered what is in your company's wastewater?

If not you probably should!

World Water Day 2017

Tim Burns March 22 , 2017

5 Things to Consider When Creating a Water Reuse or Treatment Plan for Your Business

Tim Burns March 08 , 2017

Water is critically important for daily business operations, but do you realize how vulnerable your company is without a process water reuse or discharge plan in place? Implementing an efficient treatment process will create value and growth for your business. No matter your industry there is a treatment technology for your effluent that is safe, reliable, cost effective and compliant.

Is Your Current Wastewater Treatment System Overloaded?

Tim Burns February 22 , 2017


This is just one example how we helped a ship repair company increase their daily wastewater treatment capacity.

Biological Treatment for Oily Wastewater Streams

Tim Burns February 15 , 2017

Too Much Ammonia For This Rendering Facility

Tim Burns February 08 , 2017

The Problem:  A Rendering Facility had experienced a failure of an existing Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) system due to a rotating assembly bearing and shaft failure.  As a result, the existing lagoons became overloaded with ammonia from the anaerobic treatment process.