Why Choose A MBBR Treatment System?

Tim Burns June 28 , 2018

6 Reasons why you should consider a MBBR process over other biological treatment processes.

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  1. Compact Footprint
    • bioFAS™ MBBR is a high rate biological treatment system that typically requires less space than an activated sludge process treating equivalent flow and loading rates. 
  2. Load Responsive
    • The MBBR treatment process is responsive to organic load fluctuations without operator intervention. The self-regulating nature of the biofilm adjusts to variations in organic load. As the organic load increases, the microbial population in the biofilm increases enabling additional growth and treatment capacity. 
    • The large  surface area within the media carriers result in the ability to handle high organic loads without biomass clogging. 
  3. Robust
    • The self-regulating and fully-automated MBBR process will eliminate the mechanical failures that are inherent with other treatment systems such as rotating biological reactors and trickling filters. 
  4. Process Resilient
    • bioFAS MBBR treatment processes are resistant to toxic contaminants. Toxic shocks kill the outer layer of bacteria on the carriers protecting the inner layer for continued growth and treatment. 
  5. Expandable
    • The bioFAS MBBR process can be easily upgraded by adding MBBR media to the bioreactor and increasing the process air requirements. 
  6. Easy to Operate and Maintain
    • The MBBR process operates on single pass and is fully-automated that is easy to operate and maintain than other treatment systems. The process parameters that require monitoring include DO, pH, defoamer addition, and the nutrient concentrations. 


bioFAS™ MBBR System Case Studies: 

  1. Potato Production Plant
  2. Processed Meats & Snacks Manufacturer
  3. Dairy Waste Production Plant
  4. Packing Solutions Company


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