First Things First: What Do I Need To Know?

Tim Burns June 20 , 2018

Vital information you should know prior to designing a wastewater treatment systeM


  1. Why do I need wastewater treatment?
    • Is my company meeting compliance with my current discharge permit?
    • Planning to upgrade or expand?
    • Return on Investment (ROI) - What are my current surcharge costs? 
  2. Water/Wastewater Design CriteriaLab Testing
    • Understanding my company's water usage and wastewater generation:
      • How much water is going down the drain?
      • Average, minimum, maximum, peak hydraulic and diurnal flows
      • Wastewater constituents - BOD5, COD, TSS, FOG, nutrients if required
        • pH and wastewater temperature ranges
        • Average values and also peak concentrations that may be associated with cleaning
  3. What type of system best suits my needs? 
    • Anaerobic treatment?
    • Aerobic treatment?
    • Is water reuse desired? MBR or membrane filtration?
  4. Site considerations & logistics of treatment system location
    • How much area (inside/outdoors) do I have for wastewater treatment?
    • Do I have proper personnel to operate the treatment plant? 

Review our resources web page below to download our eBook references and gather additional information regarding wastewater treatment systems.

Wastewater Treatment Resources


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