MBBR Media For Your Wastewater Treatment System

Tim Burns May 03 , 2017


The bioFAS™ MBBR media carriers are used for applications in Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) systems for the provision of a self-sloughing, auto-regulating attached growth biofilm treatment process. The biofilm media carriers installed in the aeration tanks provide a stable base for the growth of a diverse community of microorganisms. The biofilm carriers have a very high surface-to-volume ratio, allowing for a high concentration of microorganisms to thrive within the internally protected areas of the media. The carriers can be used for upgrading an existing extended aeration system, a single pass MBBR treatment process or they can increase the effective capacity of existing activated sludge systems as an Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) process.

Process Applications Examples:







The biofilm carriers can be loaded into complete mixed bioreactors at a minimum fill ratio of 25% v/v to the overall working volume of the tank. Future expansion of bioFAS™ MBBR capacity can be achieved by addition of biomass carriers up to 75% v/v and increasing the air supply.


bioprocessh2o Media Carrier options

  bioFAS™ B-460 Media Carriers bioFAS™ B-585 Media Carriers bioFAS™ B-700 Media Carriers


Need Media? 


The bioFAS™ Biofilm Media Carriers are supplied in 1 m3 super sacks and shipped on pallets for ease of transportation. The carriers can be loaded into basins and tanks via a fork truck or a crane.  

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