TSS & Turbidity Levels Reduced to Meet High School's Discharge Permits

Tim Burns March 21 , 2018

bioprocessH2O installed a wastewater treatment system at a New England High School to reduce the TSS & improve Turbidity (water clarity) concentrations to meet discharge permits.

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Problem: The existing Rotating Biological Reactor (RBC) system at the Marshfield High School was incapable of consistently meeting the discharge permit regulations. 

Solution: bioprocessH2O was selected to provide a bioTRIPURE Ultrafiltration (UF) system for tertiary filtration of the effluent discharged from the existing RBC system for discharge to a leaching field. The UF membrane system consists of one membrane skid equipped with two membrane modules designed to treat the wastewater generated from the high school. 

Status/Results: The bioTRIPURE UF Membrane System effectively removes the total suspended solids and reduces the turbidity levels to meet the permits for direct discharge.

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