Reducing BOD in Water by >90% at a Paper Mill 

Pulp & Paper 

Paper mills are extremely important businesses in the fact that society can have the functional use of paper products! A paper mill is a type of factory that will develop and create paper from a list of special ingredients. The use of large amounts of water, energy, and wood is what helps to develop these products.

Paper mills create high wastewater flows laden with total suspended solids during processing. The bioprocessH2O technology helps to address the economic and environmental challenges involved with processing this difficult waste stream efficiently.

Keep reading to find out how our team helped a paper mill in Massachusetts!

bioFASTM MBBR System designed and installed for Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc.
Water Plant

Industry: Pulp & Paper

Problem: The existing rotating biological contactors (RBCs) of the Paper Mill were approaching the end of their service life and presented constant operational issues. Additionally, the RBCs were not completely removing the formaldehyde concentrations in the wastewater.

Solution: After successful planning and design, bioprocessH2O supplied a two-stage bioFAS™ MBBR biological treatment process to reduce BOD and formaldehyde at varying flow and organic loading rates.

Status/Results: The bioFAS™ MBBR System effectively removes BOD by >90%. The new system easily meets the NPDES Discharge Permit Requirements. The system is also able to operate with minimal operator attention and oversight.

Application Parameters: 

Application Parameters

bioFASTM MBBR System Benefits/Highlights:

  1. Efficient reduction of BOD
  2. Ideal for high and varying loads
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Compact footprint & modular
  5. Easy to operate & maintain
  6. Easily expandable


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