PART 2: Too Much Beer, Not Enough Water!

Beer water issues and more solutions

Beer water issues and more solutions

Last week, bioprocessH2O met with some of the most influential craft brewers at the Craft Beverage Expo in Oakland, CA to talk water. Many of these brew masters spurred the craft brewing movement and were happy to share their knowledge and love of BEER! As mentioned in PART 1 of this blog, beer is comprised of more than 90% water. The remaining ingredients are derived from grains and adjuncts including rice, corn, sugar, syrup, etc. that provide simple sugars for alcohol production through fermentation. Hops are added for bitterness, flavor and aroma and even a wide variety of spices and VEGETABLES (yuck!) are combined to provide numerous and sometimes eccentric beers we have come to love and appreciate. However, let’s not forget that beer’s flavor profile is also greatly affected by the yeast strains used to ferment the precious liquid.

Craft Beverage Expo

Instead of buying craft beer for top dollar, why not homebrew your next batch? For a modest equipment investment (about $150) you can purchase and brew 5 gallons of your favorite beer style at a fraction of the purchase price. If you can read, cook and have a bit of patience, you’ll be well on your way to a hobby that provides great and ongoing dividends. Happy Brewing!

bioprocessH2O provides best available technologies for the treatment and reuse of process water from a variety of industrial applications including craft breweries, wineries and distilleries.

by Peter Annunziato

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