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The US is the leading manufacturer in the Pulp & Paper industry!

Paper mills create high wastewater flows loaded with organics and solids that pollute our ecosystem. Improper treatment of the wastewater causes the discharged effluent to harm the environment. The top manufacturers in the world deserve top of the line equipment and solutions to their wastewater problems.

Ox Paper

Industry: Pulp & Paper

Problem: Ox Paperboard LLC located in Halltown, West Virginia needed to upgrade its wastewater treatment process because the BOD load produced by the paper mill exceeded the treatment capacity of the existing SBR.

Solution: bioprocessH2O retrofitted an existing clarified water tank into a single-stage MBBR system to reduce the BOD load to the existing SBR. The treated wastewater from the bioFAS MBBR is discharged to the existing SBR for BOD polishing and solids removal to meet the effluent requirements.

Status/Results:  The bioFAS MBBR system reduces carbonaceous BOD by >75%, allowing existing SBR to meet the effluent BOD limit. 

System Design Criteria: 

System Design Criteria

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