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Conducting water tests and studies to figure out how to treat your water efficiently.

Conduct water tests and studies to figure out how to treat your water efficiently.

bioprocessH2O conducted a treatability study to eliminate biological inhibition for a biological treatment plant in the Midwest.

It is important to us that our custom systems are at full performance capacity for our customer's needs. A study was conducted to increase performance at an existing landfill, which was successful. Our customer was left at ease knowing their goal of biological inhibition elimination would be accomplished.

Water Testing and Treating

Project: Treatability study to maximize nitrification rates and eliminate biological inhibition

Industry: Landfill Leachate

Problem: Nitrification inhibition was occurring at a biological treatment plant installed at a large landfill in the Midwest. The goal of the treatability study was to determine the best approach for eliminating toxicity and maximizing nitrification rates at the site.

Solution: A biological treatability study was conducted at bioprocessH2O’s laboratory to assess the existing treatment system and determine an improved configuration that would eliminate toxicity and increase capacity. Three biological reactors were set up in the lab and operated over a period of 140 days. A control reactor mimicked the existing plant and two additional reactors were designed and operated to allow higher nitrification rates and enhanced biological performance.

Status/Results: The study was successful and resulted in a full scale design that allowed increased performance at the existing landfill to increase leachate throughput and eliminate biological inhibition.

Why To Consider A Treatability Study

by Tim Burns

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