Heat Recovery & Solar Energy For Wastewater Treatment Systems

Solar energy for water treatment plants

Solar energy for water treatment plants

Got Heat? Got Sun? Let's reuse it!

Does your company's wastewater treatment system generate excessive amounts of heat? Does your company need an alternative for electricity or power supply? Well the engineers at bioprocessH2O can help!

bioprocessH2O offers sustainable heat recovery solutions and solar energy solutions as part of our equipment packages. Implementing heat exchangers, solar panels or both solutions, your company will reduce energy consumption and offset energy demands for your wastewater treatment systems or facility.

Heat Exchangers

Got Heat?

Heat exchangers are installed to recover heat that is used to preheat incoming potable or process water; reducing the energy demand at your production facility. We offer cost-effective and integrated heat exchanger solutions as part of our equipment packages.

Solar Panels

Got Sun?

Solar panels will be installed to convert sunlight into electricity that will be used as a power supply for your wastewater treatment plant or facility. Solar power will offset energy demand of the wastewater treatment processes.

Let's Reuse It!

Heat Recovery and Solar Energy systems will increase the system's overall effciency and reduce energy consumption at your wastewater treatment plant or facility.



Contact bioprocessH2O today to see how you can reuse heat and the sun to reduce the energy consumption for your wastewater treatment system or facility!

by Tim Burns

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