Why Automation & Controls? Benefits of Automated WWT Systems

Tim Burns April 18 , 2018

bioprocessH2O offers, provides and designs complete Automation engineering and control packages in-house custom to each wastewater treatment system. With this control technology, bioprocessH2O's treatment systems are fully-automated, easy to operate and maintain. 


Benefits OF BIOPROCESSH2O's Automation&Controls

  1. Expert knowledge of equipment and processes
  2. Design, build and testing of the electrical control systems, including PLC function and Operation Interface Terminal (OIT)
  3. In-house QA/QC and testing of equipment before shipping to customer's site
  4. Single point of responsibility
  5. Remote monitoring;
    • Reduces labor costs
    • Provides remote system monitoring and operator training
    • Provides real time professional customer support
    • Program changes or modifications via the internet
    • Cell phone and Ipad compatible

For additional information, please visit our web page where you will be able to download our Automation & Controls Brochure for your reference!

Automation & Controls


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