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Benefits of Remote System Monitoring

Tim Burns April 10 , 2019

Adding remote monitoring capabilities to your companies wastewater treatment system allows you to be in control of your operations. In order to get the most out of your water we highly recommend adding this capability to your current system or make sure to include it in the specs for your new system. 

Our Testing, Designed To Leave You Resting ~ Treatability Studies

Tim Burns March 27 , 2019

bioprocessH2O conducted a treatability study to eliminate biological inhibition for a biological treatment plant in the Midwest.

(Paper)Cut Down Your BOD Levels!

Tim Burns March 13 , 2019

The US is the leading manufacturer in the Pulp & Paper industry!

Ever Thought About Water Reuse For Your Business?

Tim Burns November 14 , 2018

Dairy Farm Needed BOD & TSS Removal

Tim Burns October 31 , 2018

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Resources

Tim Burns October 17 , 2018

What System Performance Can Tell You

Tim Burns September 13 , 2018

Who Cut The Cheese? Don't Look At Us It Was The Wastewater!

Tim Burns August 02 , 2018

Making The World A Better Place One Trash Skimmer At A Time!

Tim Burns July 18 , 2018

Why Choose A MBBR Treatment System?

Tim Burns June 28 , 2018

First Things First: What Do I Need To Know?

Tim Burns June 20 , 2018

bioFLOW MBR Removes More Than 98% Influent Parameters for Permit Compliance

Tim Burns June 06 , 2018

Food & Beverage Facility System Removes  90% of BOD

Tim Burns May 23 , 2018

Why Automation & Controls? Benefits of Automated WWT Systems

Tim Burns April 18 , 2018

Paying Wastewater Surcharges? It's Time to Take Action!

Tim Burns April 04 , 2018

TSS & Turbidity Levels Reduced to Meet High School's Discharge Permits

Tim Burns March 21 , 2018

BOD, TSS, & TKN Levels Reduced for Water Reuse & to Meet Discharge Requirements 

Tim Burns February 02 , 2018

Wastewater Surcharges - Get Rid Of Them

Tim Burns January 18 , 2018

How To Reduce Your Wastewater Surcharges

Tim Burns November 30 , 2017

Selecting A Wastewater Treatment System

Tim Burns November 09 , 2017