In-House Automation & Controls

As wastewater systems become more automated, the design, fabrication and system commissioning can be a time consuming and complex process. In the past, OEMs relied on external control panel suppliers and/or engineering firms to provide the control design and system startup. 

Today, bioprocessH2O offers, provides and designs complete Automation engineering and control packages in-house. With this control technology, bioprocessH2O’s treatment systems are fully-automated and easy to operate.



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                                             Automation & Controls



Our Automation and Controls technology has the capability of remote operation via the internet. This will allow bioprocessH2O’s engineering team to view the controls, provide operational support, troubleshoot and resolve issues. This eliminates the use of specialty software and unnecessary site visits for system maintenance. Our clients have expert customer support at their fingertips which significantly reduces labor costs and eliminates costly downtime.






  • Expert knowledge of the equipment and processes
  • Design, build and testing of the electrical control systems, including PLC function and Operation Interface Terminal (OIT)
  • In-house QA/QC and testing of equipment before shipping to customer's site
  • Single point of responsibility
  • Remote monitoring;
    • Reduces labor costs
    • Provides remote system monitoring and operator training
    • Provides real time professional customer support
    • Program changes or modifications via the internet
    • Cell phone and Ipad compatible